Osteopathy FAQs

Osteopathy treatment frequently asked questions

If you’ve never had osteopathy before, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What should I expect to happen during my first visit?

During your first appointment, I will spend some time taking your medical history. This will include questions about your general health and lifestyle as well as the symptoms or injuries that you’re seeking help with. I would then assess where you are experiencing pain and ask you to move the affected area gently through its natural movement.

At this point, I will usually be able to make a working diagnosis and discuss a course of treatment with you. This may involve follow-up treatment, information on what’s wrong and some exercises that you can do by yourself to help your recovery. I would discuss the likely cost of your treatment plan and ask for your consent to begin treatment.

If I believe that your condition would not be improved with osteopathic treatment, I would discuss this with you and offer to refer you to your GP or another suitably qualified professional.

What should I wear?

Depending on the nature of the injury or discomfort, I may need to ask you to remove some clothing so that I can see and touch the area of the body causing concern. Please feel free to bring vest tops, shorts or leggings that make you feel comfortable and are easy to move around in.

Can I bring a friend?

You are welcome to bring someone with you into the examination room if this puts you at ease.

Does osteopathic treatment hurt?

I work very hard to make treatment as painless as possible, but you may experience some discomfort during and after each session – this can be limited by good patient-therapist interaction where we talk to one another at all times to monitor how you feel.

Following treatment, about half of patients report some mild soreness in the area of their body that was treated; this usually resolves within 48 hours. If you experience serious or unusual symptoms after treatment, it’s important that you contact me straight away for advice.

How long does it take?

You should expect your first appointment to take approximately one hour because I need to take a full medical history and carry out a thorough examination in order to diagnose your complaint. We will also make sure that osteopathy is right for you before I give you treatment, if applicable.

You will then be on an agreed treatment plan and follow-up appointments usually take 45 minutes – however, they may be shorter or longer, depending on your individual needs.

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