Stirling osteopathy treatments for you

Stirling osteopathy treatments are currently provided exclusively by me, Lindsey Turner B.Ost(Hons), at Life in Motion osteopathy clinic. This means that I can really get to know your needs and act as a single point of contact throughout your treatment.

Osteopathy is a fantastic treatment option if you’re suffering from any aches or pains, whatever your age or circumstances. Around 30,000 people currently consult osteopaths every working day (Source: GOsC, 2017).

Many people wait until they’re at their wit’s end with discomfort before they look for an osteopath, but it really doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you whether you have a recent injury, a niggling pain that just doesn’t seem to be improving, or a long-term condition that’s affecting your quality of life. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Your first osteopathy appointment – what to expect

When you come as a new patient to the Life in Motion osteopathy clinic, Stirling, you’ll book in for an initial osteopathic appointment that lasts up to 60 minutes.

During this first visit, I’ll spend time talking to you about the problem, taking your medical history, exploring what physical activities you do, and discussing any surgical or trauma history. Throughout your consultation, I’ll make you feel at ease and tell you what is happening. 

At this stage, I may ask you to remove some clothing in order to inspect the problem area and perform a series of simple movements and more specific tests, if necessary. Many people worry about this, as well as what they should wear to their appointment. You’re welcome to wear vest tops, shorts or leggings that make you feel comfortable and are easy to move around in. If you need to lay on the treatment table with any part of you unclothed, you will be covered by a towel at all times.

I welcome any questions, especially if you are unsure about anything that is discussed or the treatment you are receiving. You can also find out more about what to expect before you arrive on the FAQs page.

Follow-up osteopathy treatments

It’s important to know that most issues require a course of treatment rather than a single appointment. Osteopathic therapy has cumulative benefits over time rather than promising an overnight cure.

Follow-up treatment appointments are usually for a shorter duration – approx. 30-40 mins – as you’re already on an agreed treatment plan.

Is osteopathy right for you?

Broadly speaking, osteopathy can treat the following issues:

  • shoulder and elbow pain
  • sciatica
  • muscle spasms
  • neuralgia
  • inability to relax
  • stress & tension
  • and many others

Because it’s gentle and non-invasive, it’s ideal for people of all ages and circumstances. If you’re not sure whether osteopathy would help address the problem you’re experiencing, give me a call and I’ll give you advice based on your circumstances.

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